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Name suggestions

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I've already done the brainstorming with Jason9811 and narrowed down to our favorite, but we want to see what names you can come up with.
The goal for a name is to be interesting and unique, and of course related to what's discussed (gaming and technology). The uniqueness of the name is determined by a Google search using quotes; 0 results is perfect, as long as the name sounds reasonable for a podcast.

Suggestions will be taken until the end of April and then the poll will be started immediately after and lasting about 1-2 weeks depending on the progress of the poll. The podcast will start likely within a week after the poll closes.

If there are no suggestions by the time May rolls around, the predetermined name will be revealed and you have up until the first episode of the podcast (probably in the first week of May) to let me know of any suggestions. There will be no poll and right before the recording of episode 1 the available staff will make a final decision on which name to use.

Update: I've expanded the forum to support all of my casting ventures including Shoutcast. I intend to use the final name globally for all webcasts.
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