Episode 3

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Episode 3

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It's just over a week late, but Episode 3 of Gamers' Consideration Initiative is done!
New to this episode is a new co-host, another new feature, and we're using a different voice chat application!

Recorded June 9th, 2007
Size: 16.4MB
Runtime: 0:35:55
Hosts: Pilot_51 and theONE
Software used: Mumble and Audacity

Intro music: Command and Conquer: Red Alert "hell226m" (first half)

Preview: DSiP - VoIP for Nintendo DS

Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick
Rosewill 500W/600W power supply and PCI fan
Xion Stacker case
R4/M3 firmware patcher
SUPER media converter
Switch audio converter

Tech tip: Correctly charging Lithium Ion batteries

Developer interview: DragonMinded, DS homebrew developer of DSOrganize
Post-interview discussion about DSOrganize and R4DS

The Classic Archives: Tetris (Gameboy)
Music: A-Type, B-Type, C-Type, Title

Contact about questions, suggestions, or comments
Skype voice mailbox: skype:gamersconsiderationinitiative
Forums: http://forums.pilot51.com

Ending music: Command and Conquer: Red Alert "hell226m" (last half)
Direct download (right click and save as)
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