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Live video stream

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I've started using, which is a free service for streaming live video with audio. It's better than Shoutcast in the way that it distributes the stream to the listeners, because instead of the streamer taking all the load of the listeners, the servers take all that load and the streamer only needs to upload to the site, so literally anyone could stream high quality video to hundreds of viewers and maybe more.

I have two channels set up, a primary with the full name and a secondary with the abbreviation.
Primary: ... initiative

I will likely be using them for general streaming of videos, my desktop, or my webcam unless I decide to make another channel dedicated to that while I keep the GCI channels dedicated to GCI content.
Unless I find that it causes too much lag to use during recording of shows, which I don't think would be a problem, I intend to stream my webcam and/or desktop during every show from now on, and perhaps co-hosts can do the same if they have a webcam.

Stream 1 - behind-the-scenes (the normally boring stuff) with gaming music

Stream 2 - used during recording of the show
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