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Open meeting

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I figured that the best way to stay synchronized is to have meetings, and they would be especially important in pivotal moments.
I'm going to schedule the first meeting in TeamSpeak, open to anyone who comes, for April 30th unless I hear that it's a bad day for other people and a better day can be decided. I have not decided on a time yet, but it will likely be in the evening hours around 5PM EST give or take a few hours. The main focus of the meeting would be to pick the name suggestions that would be in the poll. Immediately after that portion of the meeting is completed, I will close the suggestions thread and start the poll thread. Discussion will continue for other podcast details such as staff and preparation.

What: Open meeting for podcast
When: April 30th at about 5PM EST (starts when me and someone else are there after 5PM)
Where: TeamSpeak address in the Meeting channel
Why: Discuss names and other things about the podcast.

Update: Nobody showed up, but I finally got a hold of Jason at around 9PM and we established a checklist for the first episode. The name is also set as Gamers' Consideration Initiative, but if someone comes up with a better name by the first recording, there's still a chance of it being changed.

The recording for the first podcast is set for Friday, May 4th, with Jason9811 so far being the only co-host planning to be in it.
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