Where should GCI go?

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Should GCI keep going?

Yes, it will pull through (only vote if you've listened)
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No, it's not worth it
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Where should GCI go?

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Ok, I've been reluctant to do anything about this, but it needs to be put on the table.

Episode 5 has been in editing stages since it was recorded nearly 4 months ago. It only takes about a day to edit it, but my lack of motivation has caused me to not pick it back up after taking a break in the middle of editing.
No listeners have posted on the forums, sent an email, left a voice message, or even a text message. Because of that, I feel as if they don't exist and I've been spending these hours and days working for a pointless podcast.
Maybe I'm giving up too soon and every podcasts starts off with only a couple listeners, but I don't feel like spending so much effort for something that takes so long to grow. Also my word-spreading (advertising) sucks pretty bad because I'm afraid of becoming anything remotely resembling the kind of people everyone including myself hates, and podcast listing services like iTunes and Digg don't seem to help any.

If GCI continues, should the outdated Episode 5 still be released or should it be re-recorded? How will it get more listeners and more interaction from the listeners?

Anyways, anyone got any input? If there are no replies or especially no votes after a few months (as long as this is announced), I might as well consider GCI dead like the other 2 podcasts I did before it, and my entire podcasting venture with it.
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