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Hi, im very excited about PrediSat but i keep getting an error upon updating the GPS coordinates. it doesnt actually get the coordinates at all, even with GPS satellites presents as my GPS testing software informs me of multiple satellites being used.
i get the error: "invalid GPS coordinates received. please contact developer if error persists"
any idea how i can fix this?
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Re: PrediSat

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Oh hi! Sorry about the late response, I sort of left my forum for dead, but I guess I need to check it more often now that I'm making apps that get attention and point people to my site.

It may help if you get the stacktrace of the error using an app such as CatLog and send it to me. In CatLog, search for predisat to find the stacktrace. If that doesn't help, I may need more information or to send you a debug version. One piece of information that might be useful is whether this happens all the time or just some of the time.
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