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Forum mods

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Here's a list of the installed forum mods, the mods I'm planning or considering, and wanted mods. For some of the ones that I'm planning or considering, I might wait until they're needed or people request it.

4/28/07: Bot Indexing Mod 1.3.1 by Raimon and addit
5/08/07: Ajax ShoutBox 0.1.5 by paul999

User Ranked Style MOD by Andareed (text style for user names in specific ranks)
Counter MOD by Andareed (unique page view counter)
Rank Groups Mod by Haravikk (I need to read more about it to see if it's what I'm looking for)
Birthdays by TerraFrost (displays birthdays in profile and index)
Resize Posted Images Based on Max Width by spooky2280
Log Actions MOD by morpheus2matrix (FYI this mod only logs mod/admin actions)
ActionMod by dvandersluis (lets users post small predefined notes under a post)
Thank You Mod by Kinfule (sort of like reputation, but post specific)
Attachment Mod by Acyd Burn (allows members to post attachments)
Simple Subforums by pentapenguin (self-explanatory)
Highlight Topics User Posted In by fredol (uses pictures or font color to show which topics you posted in)
Last Topic Title on Index by D?cky (shows last topic replied to per forum in the index)
Auto Shorten URLs by nfs (self-explanatory)
Topic Description MOD by morpheus2matrix (allows a short description under thread title)
Last Visited
Auto Delete Users
Page Stats MOD
Restrict Memberlist to Registered Users
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Wanted (not found yet):
None so far

If anyone has questions about installed mods or suggestions, post here.
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