Homebrew database for DSOrganize

Homebrew games and applications made for consoles or handheld systems.
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Homebrew database for DSOrganize

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I've just created a homebrew database (HBDB) to be used in DSOrganize.
It doesn't have much now, I'm still learning how to set everything up, but I'll add to it over time with some of my favorite homebrew and any that people request.
All homebrew in this database is tested on my R4DS.
I probably won't be keeping it strictly for homebrew since this could technically be used for any kind of file. I might also include media such as DPG videos or podcasts, although such large files take ages to download on the DS.

Here's how to use this HBDB.
Step 1
Download the attached file and unzip it
Create a new text file, put in "http://pilot51.com/hbdb/" (without quotes) and save it, then rename it to [something].hbdb

Step 2
Move the .hbdb file to your flash card.

Step 3
Open the .hbdb file using the DSOrganize file browser.
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