Give Remas a chance.

This is especially useful for when TDS goes down.
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Give Remas a chance.

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Pilot_51 yeah um can I please go back on I promise you I will have perfect respect and i will do what you ask. Just give me a chance. It's just I always go overboard in fights and aqrguments. I'm doing what I can to go back. Please. Give Remas a chance. PPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE. I'm that sorry. I wanna go back and i'll obey rules :arrow:
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Re: Give Remas a chance.

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I didn't ban you, and since I agree with the ban I'm leaving it up to the admins and whoever banned you to decide whether you're unbanned. Since you created another account both avoiding your 5 day ban and impersonating me, I'm going to suggest that you remain banned and agree with the decision made by other mods to have you IP banned.
You're acting a LOT like someone else who came to TDS about a year ago who constantly caused trouble and when he was banned he begged in the nicest way he could to get unbanned. He was unbanned and he went back to his old ways of causing trouble, then got IP banned and started creating hundreds of accounts with different IP's and attempting hacks before finally stopping (I don't remember why it ended, admins were always inactive).

Prove yourself to be good here and I might change my mind and suggest you be unbanned, but I don't see that happening. Keep in mind, my rules here are similar to TDS and you could just as easily be banned.
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