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Mumble, open source voice chat

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Are you frustrated with the quality, latency, or licensing of TeamSpeak or Ventrilo? Today I found an open source voice chat program called Mumble (Murmer is the name of the server app) that I find to be better than both. The quality and latency are comparable to Skype if not better and the channels are unlimited (it can have subsubsubsubsub-channels and so on). The permission system is extremely flexible; permissions can be set to specific users, groups of users, channels, and more advanced configurations.

The official site is on SourceForge at

My server is running 24/7 at [url=mumble://][/url] (default port)

Not to brag (the developers deserve far more credit), but here's a list of all my bug reports and feature requests, complete with links to the submissions. Well, private submissions aren't shown, but those are mostly unimportant typo reports and such. I use this list myself just to keep track of them.

Color key:
Accepted or alternate solution
Pending or I don't know
Rejected or outdated

Server browser
Users above subchannels
Packet loss simulation
Autodetect updates at start
Clickable links in text messages
Auto-lowering of bandwidth limit
TTS & message spam protection
Disable status messages
Key bind for linking sets of channels - Alternative: Whisper-to-channel-tree.
Visible root
Window docking - He likes docking but dislikes applications that breach style guides.
Allow config window to shrink more
Console/TTS message for linking channels - An alternate solution was made.
Additional context menu items - The primary part of the suggestion was implemented, the other part needs to be resuggested for 1.2.
Automatically collapse empty channel trees
Additional tooltips
List linked channels
ACL: Channel admins & created channels
Moved message
Audio Cue for Voice Activation
Improved PA volume attenuation - Mainly just changed RollOff to Minimum Volume.
Portable option in installer
Channel last used
Hidden channels - Technically not feasible and open to abuse.
Persistent admin mute - Timed bans should be sufficient.
Customizable timestamps - Too complicated & troublesome for people who touch settings they don't understand.
Disable individual plugins
Don't allow SuperUser to be IP banned - Use "unban me" function in 3rd-party dbus/ice management tools.
Split Murmur logs

Splitter orientation - Actually it was more of a misunderstanding on my part, he updated the description of the feature to be less confusing.
Permissions on auto-reconnect
Client doesn't show connection attempts - A Windows or network problem, not Mumble.
Active ACL order
Audio input lag - This is apparently a DirectSound issue, but I think there might still be a chance it could be fixed on Mumble.
User disconnect kills audio on server - This was the biggest bug I've seen and it has been fixed as of 1.1.1.
Mumble qtcore4.dll crash - Too rare to bother with, and outdated.
Flooding of timeout message - Just a disk/log hogging bug. I have since switched my server to Linux where the problem doesn't occur.
Users disappear from resorted channels
Minor expand/collapse glitches
Plugin linking causes constant CPU usage
Loss of DirectSound device causes lag
Drag bar interferes with scroll up button in log view
Notification balloons held back by full-screen apps
Terrible CELT quality after being muted awhile - I've since switched to Ubuntu where this problem doesn't exist. Status of bug unknown.

Many of my feature requests and bug reports, especially minor ones, are in the Mumble IRC channel: irc://
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