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Author:  Pilot_51 [ Sat Apr 14, 2007 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  FAQ

If you have any questions about anything in my site that isn't very time sensitive ("when will you update this?" is time sensitive), ask them here and I'll keep a list of my answers in this post.

Q1: How can I become a mod?
A1: Most of the time I would only be open for a new mod when there is a need for it, although sometimes I would make some of my best friends a part of the staff because I've known them awhile and trust them with the job. Nobody is made a mod if they aren't active on the forums. If the time comes where I actually need more mods and I can't bring in more friends, I'll probably take the steps below.
    1. Open up an application thread.
    2. Interview and test applicants to see if they have what I need in the new mod and to build up trust.
    3. Have members vote for the new mod.

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